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Bulk Sales

Wholesale Tires USA offers Bulk Sales of quality used and new tires to Automotive Service Centers & Tire Retailers. The economy is in such a position that consumers are looking to save money any way possible.

With the constant rising cost of new tires, many Automotive Centers that generally sell their customers new tires are opting for quality used tires. The purchase of quality used tires saves the consumer approximately 60% of the cost of new tires. In addition, for the retailer, it greatly increases your profit margin.

Wholesale Tire USA is located in Virginia, where there is an annual state inspection requirement for every vehicle registered in the state. Virginia state inspections are the most regulated inspections in the U.S. Measuring tire depth is a requirement in the inspection process. All of our tires are air checked and guaranteed to pass Virginia State Inspection. We only sell the highest grade of tires.


Automotive Service Centers & Used Tire Retailers

See Used Tire Prices (Bulk Purchase)

Option I

Mix Load 14”-20”
Grade A Tires 60% - 90% tread remaining
$16.00 per tire

Option II

Mix Load 14” – 20”
Grade B Tires 40% - 75% tread remaining
$12.00 per tire

Option III

Sets & Pairs Only
Grade A Tires 60% - 90% tread remaining
$100.00 per set

Option IV

Sets & Pairs Only
Grade B Tires 40% - 75% tread remaining
$80.00 per set

Popular Load

Mixed Load
Grade A & B
$14.00 per tire

Prices are non-negotiable, we stand behind our products.

Options can be combined.

Substitution of options requires surcharge.

Bulk Sales Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do we have popular sizes in stock?
A. Yes, we have all sizes. We have over 60,000 used tires & 20,000 new tires in our inventory.

Q. Can I pick and choose only the sizes I want?
A. Yes. The cost for this option is $20.00 per tire for grade B and $28.00 per tire for Grade A.  We are very knowledgeable of the tire industry and we know the “Popular Sizes” that are in demand.  These sizes will be included in your load. We will accept a list of no more than ten (10) sizes that you do not wish to have included in your load.  We are always fair to our customer and we request fairness in return. This allows all of us to stay in business.

Q. Are the tires air checked?
A. Yes

Q. Do you accept COD payments?
A. No we do not. We understand the hesitation purchasing from a new supplier and starting a new business relationship. Our company is 100% legitimate and we will be in constant communication with you until you the entire time. You will have contact and tracking information until you receive your purchase. We encourage customers to visit our facility. We will arrange transportation form the airport (RIC) to our warehouse where you will be given a tour and the complete purchasing process will be explained in detail. Those customers who make a subsequent purchase will receive a credit for 50% of their airfare to their initial purchase. We understand building a new relationship can be hard but it’s not impossible. We are here to answer any questions and to be sure that the process goes very smoothly.

Q. Can load Options be mixed?
A. Yes, as long as you meet the minimum load requirements. For example, you can order:

  • 500 Grade A tires, 500 Grade B tires and 300 Grade C tires.
  • 100 sets & pairs and 800 mixed.

Please note that a standard mixed load includes singles, sets and pairs. There are various types of customers with a variety of needs. It is necessary to provide tires to customers in desperate need of a tire with only $30 to spend and to provide tires to customer who requires a higher grade tire with the ability to spend more. It’s recommended to have both Grade A&B tires in your inventory. 

Q. What is the percentage of each size tire in the load?

Load Breakdown
Standard load:
14” – 10% 
15” – 15%
16” – 20%
17” – 20%
18” – 15%
19” – 10%
20” – 10%
Grade A - $18.00
Grade B - $14.00
Grade C - $10.00

Special load:
14” – 15%
15” – 20%
16” – 25%
17” – 20%
18” – 7%
19” – 6%
20” – 7%

Grade A - $20.00
Grade B - $16.00
Grade C - $12.00

Preferred Customer Specific (customer choice of entire used inventory, any size tread)
14” – 20”

Grade A - $24.00
Grade B - $20.00
Grade C - $16.00
We also have a popular at $10.00 per tire
Grade A – 33%
Grade B – 33%
Grade C – 33%
Load breakdown is the same as the standard load.

*Prices are non-negotiable!*

We deliver anywhere within the US. Trailer loads consist of 1200 tires. We also provide international shipping to any place in the world with great quotes on freight & customs clearance.
Doubling Services Available

Fees and surcharges may apply.

Minimum Order for delivery is 500 tires and 350 tires to pick up at our facility (By Appointment Only). Standard delivery rate nationwide is $2.31 per mile. Use the Shipping Cost Calculator below to estimate your delivery costs to U.S. locations. Please note that tires are delivered in a 53’ trailer, therefore the cost to deliver 500 tires is the same to deliver 1300 tires. 

Shipping Cost Calculator

Enter Your Zip Code: Get Rate
*Shipping cost may be subject to change.

Pricing for all loads, foreign and domestic are non-negotiable.
No Haggling!

We stand behind the quality of our tires; therefore we stand behind our prices.

We are not tire people. We are business people.
Bringing integrity and reliability to the used tire industry!


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  • TBR tires available upon request. Please email us with your questions and inquiries.